Conference Room

Impress your clients in our cutting-edge 10 person conference room. Meet, train or conduct small seminars that make you the expert. Bring in outside consultants that improve your bottom line.

TIP: Use the calendar at the bottom of the page to locate a date and time slot that is available. Then fill out the form above the calendar to request your time slot.

Schedule the Conference Room


Coffee.....$5 ALL DAY
Water/Soda/Snacks.....$.75 Each
DVR/VHS.....No Charge
LCD Projector.....$25.00 Per Day
Internet Access.....No Charge
Projection Screen.....No Charge
Dry Erase Board.....No Charge
Catering.....Price Varies (You May Also Provide Your Own Catering)

Please Note: Access To The Conference Room Requires The Use of Stairs.

Conference Room Rate is $20/Hour, Payable By Check or M.O. to "V.S.O.S."